Expert of Scientific Advisory Board, Professor Antonios G. Mikos arrives at the new manufacturing site of Beijing Advanced Medical Technologies, Ltd. Inc.

                    Column:Company news Time:2017-12-12

                    Scientific Advisory Board of Beijing Advanced Medical Technologies, Ltd.Inc has been established for one year, Professor Antonios G. Mikos arrives and visits the new site.


                    Beijing AMT’s President Qing Liu and CSO, Professor Qinghong Zhao deeply exchanges with Professor Mikos for the research development we’ve achieved in the past year. Professor Mikos agrees that Beijing AMT is a technical team focuses on research, and good results have been achieved with the efforts of whole team members. He hopes that Beijing AMT could still keep on maintaining innovation, constantly optimizing products, and obtaining more achievements in the new year.


                    Antonios G. Mikos is the Louis Calder Professor of Bioengineering and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Rice University. Mikos’ research focuses on the synthesis, processing, and evaluation of new biomaterials for use as scaffolds for tissue engineering, as carriers for controlled drug delivery, and as non-viral vectors for gene therapy. His work has led to the development of novel orthopaedic, dental, cardiovascular, neurologic, and ophthalmologic biomaterials. He is the author of over 550 publications and 29 patents.